Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa di San Francesco

Where Piazza San Francesco, Terni

The first building dates back to 1265, following a donation of Bishop Rainerio to St. Francis, and transformed into a convent to a design by Filippo da Campello. In 1437 the plant was extended to three naves, with the addition of the St. Bernardin's Chapel. From the original structure remains today the facade, with a Gothic portal surmounted by a large oculus. Of artistic merit even the decorations in polychrome ceramics of the bell tower, adorned with mullioned windows and four-Gothic arches and twisted by Angelo da Orvieto (1345) and the Paradisi's Chapel, with frescoes by Bartolomeo di Tommaso of Foligno, dating back to the fifteenth century. During the Second World War the Church was heavily damaged by American bombing.

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