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Anfiteatro romano

Where Via dell'Anfiteatro, Terni
Roman Amphitheater The Anfiteatro Romano of the town of Terni stands in the same neighborhood as the Duomo, i.e. the area less affected by modern time-transformations. Located in the southwestern fringe of the urban area, it is the best-preserved monument from the Roman period in town, and is still a work of excavation in progress. Notwithstanding the overlapping of medieval and modern structures—the Archbishop and Curia complex of buildings and the former-Church of the Madonna del Carmine—the Roman edifice dedicated to games and performances still preserves its remarkable—10 meter high, 98,50 meter long and 73 meter wide—elliptic body. This Amphitheater construction was mainly realized by adopting the ancient Roman technique of the Opus Reticolatum—reticulated brickwork of tuff—in mostly two colors, with pyramidal elements called cubilia, placed in alternate rows—with dark sponga travertine and white chalky stone–which originally accentuated their decorative effect.
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