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Museo della Città "Lin Delija - Carlo Cesi"

Where Corso Roma, 9, Antrodoco (Rieti)
The Lin Delija-Carlo Cesi city Museum was born in the rooms of the ancient Convent of Saint Chiara, located in via del Corso in Antrodoco, in the Province of Rieti. The museum represents the sum of the dialogue between the art of Carlo Cesi and the art of Maestro Lin Delija, painters united by their relationships with a territory and sacred art. Visitors to the museum experience a combination of affinities that leads them without answers between past and present, between the mysticism of Cesi, and the pathos of the figures – expressionistic byzantine icons– by Delija, retracing the lines of an interior passageway, a journey within the soul of things.
Museo della Città "Lin Delija - Carlo Cesi" c
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