Luogo - Museum


Where VIA DELLA ROCCA, 2, Mentana (Roma)
Designed and built by Ing. Fausto D'Aprile , as a cultural project for the collection, protection and enhancement of those tools that have contributed to the advancement of science , the museum contains material of historical and scientific interest dating back to the 900 .
Housed in the section of Rome ' Institute of Crystallography , CNR , the museum retraces into three sections the extraordinary scientific adventure of Crystallography . In particular, the section shows Instrumentation original instruments and apparatuses , such as: automatic diffractometer for powders and single crystal ; Weissenberg goniometer , Buerger , Guinier - de Wolff ; Rooms diffraction Straumanis , Arndt - Wonnacott , Debye - Scherrer, Gandolfi , etc. . ; microscopes and optical protractors , microdensitometri , goniocomparatori , cryostats , spectrometers and components for X - ray , and more.
The Documentation section of the museum includes the areas scientific and technical documentation , historical archives and publications of the last century . This section also includes funds on archival Profs. Jordan Giacomello ( founder and first director of the Center for the Study of Structural Chemistry , CNR ) and Alexander Vaciago (successor to the direction of the Centre for Education) .
They are part of the two Funds : part of the course material , correspondence institutional and scientific work on the set of the two scholars , which certainly helped with their pioneering research to the growth and advancement of knowledge in the field of Crystallography and Structural Chemistry.
The Photo Gallery section has mainly the purpose of enlarging the view of scientific instruments, through the display of photos on old and new instruments , devices and equipment to X - rays , some of which are designed and manufactured within the Institute.
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