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Complesso Archeologico di Malborghetto

Where Via Malborghetto, 1, Roma

Shortly after the thirteenth mile of the ancient Flaminia, stands the imposing mass of the Hamlet of Malborghetto. The building has incorporated a four-sided arch of the fourth century AD, located at the intersection of Via segnacolo Flamina and a link road between Veii and the Tiber. The tetrapylon, a rectangular, four brick pillars, was crowned by an attic flat roof.

The presence of a commemorative arch on the Via Flaminia, which dates back to the fourth century. AD has been linked to the descent of the troops of Constantine from the north along this road to oppose the Emperor Maxentius. The Christian tradition has it that Constantine, accampatosi in this place, I've seen the sunset in the sky the sign of the cross and that "during sleep is warned to mark the heavenly sign on the shields of God and to give battle." The next day, on October 28, 312, Constantine put to flight at Saxa Rubra's army and the rival Maxentius perished in the waters of the Tiber. Following this victory, in 315, the Roman senate erected in the City bow two-faced at the Colosseum and perhaps in suburbium to Malborghetto.

Over time the arc has undergone many changes, both structural and functional. Nell 'XI century. becomes fortified church dedicated to the Virgin, and in the thirteenth is inserted into the walls of a castrum, named by sources Burgus S. Nicolai de arcu Virginis. Part of the defenses of the Papal States until the fifteenth, was destroyed during the battle between the Orsini and Sacrofanesi. Transformed into a farmhouse and surrounded by the ruins of the village, has since taken the name of Malborghetto or Borghettaccio.

In 1567 the building was restored to the apothecary (aromatarius) Petrasanta Constantine in Milan and then in the eighteenth century adapted to Train Half Mail. He held this office until Pius VI, by linking to Civita Castellana Via Cassia, suppressed the postal service along the suburban stretch of the Via Flaminia. Back to being a simple farmhouse, in 1982 it became part of the heritage of the State. After a careful restoration has a Antiquarium with the findings relevant to the Via Flaminia.

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