Luogo - Historical building

Palazzo Senatorio

Where Via del Campidoglio, 1, Roma

The Senatorial Palace is located in the Capitol Square, and is now the headquarters of the Town of Rome. It was built during the Roman Municipal experience, on the ruins of the ancient Tabularium. In the twelfth century it became the Medieval Town Hall, also used as the residence of Senator administrator. In 1538, Pope Paul III decided the reorganization of the entire complex, entrusting the project to Michelangelo, whose death was replaced by Giacomo della Porta, who completed the facade in 1605. In front of the scale, is placed a large tank topped by a sculpture group  representing at the center a sitting Minerva, then turned into Goddess Roma, flanked by the colossal statues of the Nile and Tiber rivers, from the Temple of Serapis on the Quirinal. The Palace rises the bell tower rebuilt to designs by Martino Longhi the Elder, following the destruction of the previous Medieval tower. Recently, in a Hall of the Palace were found frescoes back to the fourteenth century: a Triumphant Christ, Saints Peter and Paul, and traces of a halo that belonged to the Virgin Mary.

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