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Museo Centrale del Risorgimento

Where Via delle Tre Pile, 2, Roma

The "Museo Centrale del Risorgimento" at the Vittoriano In 1878, the death of Victor Emmanuel II, who in 1861, with creation of the Italian State had assumed the title of King of Italy, Parliament decided to build a monument in Rome dedicated to the first King of unified Italy called so. In the monument-which was inaugurated in 1911-was supposed to be also the Museo Centrale del Risorgimento, intended to collect testimonies relating to the political transformation, Italy's economic and social nei secoli XVIII, XIX and XX. These testimonies are composed of paper documents (letters, diaries, manuscripts of works), from paintings, sculptures, drawings, engravings, prints, weapons, recalling facts and protagonists of this important period of the history of our country form a large archive of memoria del Risorgimento. Visit the new location of the Museum is divided according to a temporal scanning linked to individual events and figures that somehow they were protagonists. These sections: -The Napoleonic period; The Congress of Vienna; Revolutionary motions of 1820-1821 and 1830-1831; Giuseppe Mazzini and the Young Italy; Pius IX; The 1848: the five days of Milan; the Republic of San Marco; the first war of independence; The 1849 Roman Republic; Cavour and the Crimean War; Vittorio Emanuele II and the second war of independence; Garibaldi and the thousand Enterprise; Dall'Unit à at Aspromonte; The third war of independence; 1870 the taking of Porta Pia. The first world war. The visit is a rare vintage footage made in collaboration with Cinecittà Luce and the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia-Cineteca Nazionale. In two large rooms you can also listen to some tracks original 19th century military and World War I, selected by the Central Institute for Sound and Audiovisual Heritage.

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