Luogo - Archaeological Area

Fori Imperiali

Where Via della Curia, 4, Roma

The Imperial Forums are a series of monumental squares built over a century and a half (between 46 BC and 113 AD), in the heart of Rome, by the Emperors. Of them is not part of the Roman Forum, which is the old Republican Square (sixth century BC). Julius Caesar was the first who decided to build a big square (Forum) in his name, opened in 46 BC: a square with arcades along the sides and in the center of a temple dedicated to Venus Genetrix. Later, Octavian had vowed a temple to Mars Ultor to victory in the Battle of Philippi, 42 BC: the temple was actually opened and added a second monumental square, the Forum of Augustus. Compared with the previous, the new complex is disposed orthogonally and the Temple of Mars leaned on a high wall, still preserved, which divided the monument from the popular district of Suburra. Under the Emperor Vespasian it was built another big square, known as the Forum of Peace, to celebrate the conquest of Jerusalem. Domitian decided to unify the previous complex with a temple dedicated to the goddess Minerva, but died in a conspiracy before the works were completed, so the new complex was inaugurated by his successor Nerva, from which it took its name. The draft Domitian was resumed and completed by Trajan, with the construction of a new complex in his name, whose decoration is celebrating his military victories. The square was closed at the bottom by the forensic Basilica Ulpia, behind which rose the Column of Trajan. During Fascism, along the archaeological area of ​​the Fori was opened the "Way of the Empire" (now Via dei Fori Imperiali) to join Venice Sqare to the Colosseum.

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