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Museo dell'Agro veientano

Where piazza San Lorenzo, Sacrofano (Roma)
The Museum of the Agro Veientano was founded in 1992. At the end of long and patient refurbishment work, its definitive setting is the prestigious Palazzo Chigi in Formello, with the first spaces to be inaugurated in December 2011. The Museum illustrates all phases of the history of the territory, starting from the protohistoric age and moving on to the Iron Age with its rich necropolises, the Etruscan period, the Roman era starting from the conquest of the city in 396 B.C. and the post-ancient phases, from the early Christian period to the Orsini and Chigi feuds. The find come from a wide area between the town of Formello and Rome, which today is mostly occupied by the XX District of Rome. Great importance is given to the definition of the territory in the different historic phases, and to the museum’s link with it, including through direct views from the “watch tower” recreated by architect Andrea Bruno on the foundations of the 13th century tower, which was the first nucleus of the palace. The monumental staircase he created inside the tower is also used for exhibiting some very special materials and for multimedia devices.
Museo dell'Agro veientano c
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