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Museo della civiltà contadina Casolare 311

Where via Santi Martiri, 12, Formello (Roma)
Casolare 311 is a museum of rural civilisation set in a farmhouse that Ente Maremma, the land reform body of the 1950s, assigned to Armando Finocchi, a farmworker from Formello (1898-1960). It takes its name from the assignment number of the farm and is the most active museum structure dedicated to land reform in Lazio. The first room of the museum houses a collection of seasonal work tools, from ploughs to harrows, from mowers to seeders. The kitchen is furnished with period furniture and crockery. The original barn contains a typical Roman countryside carriage ("barrozza") and hand tools, while a reading room allows visitors to browse books and magazines. The museum is housed in a working farm that grows crops and breeds animals. The Museum organises guided tours for schools and a series of cultural activities called “In viaggio nella Campagna romana” (Travelling in the Roman countryside). Since 2004, the Museum also serves as Information Point for the Veio Park. In 2009, following a recommendation by the Province of Rome, Casolare 311 has been recognised by the Region of Lazio as a "museum of local interest". Admission is free.
Museo della civiltà contadina Casolare 311 c
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