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Where CORSO VITTORIO EMANUELE II, 2, Campagnano di Roma (Roma)
Since 10 December 2006, the Museum reopened to the public Capena - Clock Tower, which was built in the sixteenth century. , On top of which there is the face of a water clock , the mechanism of which is kept inside the ' building and fed by the fountain below . The hours were marked by the ringing of a bell on the roof of the building.
The museum , which became operational thanks to an agreement between the Municipality of Capena and UPTER - Popular University of Rome, is entirely dedicated to medieval archeology .
The windows contain finds from urban excavations in the historical center of the city of Capena .
The most numerous archaeological materials found in the museum are related to ceramics ranging from the ninth to the seventeenth century , passing through numerous exhibits center - Medieval ( archaic majolica XIII - XIV century ) and other ceramics from slightly from throughout Italy ( Ferrara on the ground floor , Sicily on the first floor ) .
An important aspect is the presence of the Lombards materials relevant to a female burial ( comb in ivory, bronze ring , earring rack , boxcutter with gold inlay ) . There are also spurs of knight and bullets siege .
A special mention deserve the coins in the museum : the ground floor is a large Byzantine coin depicting Emperor Justinian , while the first floor, among other things, is a coin of the fourteenth century , on the free town of Prato , which testifies to the presence of local cloth merchants of medieval and thirst .
One particular of the museum, it is traversed longitudinally by a clock weights 1636.
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