Luogo - Archaeological Area

Area Archeologica di Veio - Santuario Etrusco dell'Apollo

Where Via Riserva Campetti, Roma

In the archaeological area in loc. Portonaccio lies one of the sanctuaries of the Etruscan city of Veii, situated outside the city walls on a natural ledge overlooking the valley 

traveled by the Fosso della Mola (a tributary of the ancient Cremera). The sanctuary contains 

the oldest and the most remarkable example of the Tuscan temple known so far. It was adorned 

originally from a beautiful decoration in polychrome terracotta culminating on the rooftop of a series of larger than life-size statues, including the famous group of late archaic Apollo and Hercules, addressed in the struggle for the possession of deer horns d 'gold. Next to the temple there was a swimming pool intended for ritual ablutions and, further east, a large altar. From the dedicatory inscriptions and statues and votive acroterial know that the sanctuary had to be worshiped Apollo and Minerva.

Area archeologica di Veio c
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