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Where Riccione (Rimini)

The origins of Riccione are far away in time, the earliest archaeological finds date back to the 2nd century BC. Riccione is one of the most well-known Italian seaside resorts in Rimini. Its tourism is mainly made up of young people attracted by quantity and variety of clubs and nightclubs on its promenade and on the hills of the city, which have contributed to making it the capital of fun in Italy since the sixties onward (in 1965 director Dino Risi chose the city to shoot the film L'ombrellone). Historic discos are Cocorico, Echoes (former Prince Club), Pasha and Peter Pan (actually located in the neighboring town of Misano Adriatico). There are also fun parks such as Oltremare and Aquafan with its water games. The most important and fashionable street in Riccione is Viale Ceccarini. Romagna city has gained more importance with the construction of Palazzo dei Congressi, inaugurated in 2008. to be seen in the city, the Church of San Martino, the Castle of Agolanti and Roman finds of San Lorenzo.

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