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Castello di Gradara

Where Castello di Gradara, Gradara (Pesaro e Urbino)

The Gradara Castle is an imposing medieval fortress protected by two city walls. The Castle, built in 1150 by the powerful De Griffo family, stands on a hill 142 meters above sea level, overlooking the valley. Owned by the Malatesta, between the thirteenth and fourteenth century the building was equipped with the double wall which, over the centuries, enabled him to withstand numerous sieges, until the last (1463), when it was handed over to the Sforza of Pesaro, allies of the Church. In 1920, the Zanvettori family bought the Castle and entrusted the restoration to Giuseppe Sacconi. The Gradara Castle is famous for having been the backdrop, according to some historical reconstruction, to the tragic love between Paolo and Francesca, sung by Dante's Divine Comedy ("Inferno" V, vv. 100-107). As well as a destination for lovers, the Rocca was location of several films: "Military leaders", by Luis Trenker (1937); "Paolo and Francesca", by Raffaello Matarazzo (1949); some scenes of the film won two Academy Awards "Prince of Foxes", by Henry King; "Vanina Vanini", by Roberto Rossellini (1961); "Same beach same sea" byAngelo Pannacciò (1983) and "Yesterday - Holidays at the sea", by Claudio Risi (1985).

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