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Museo Marco Simoncelli - La storia del Sic

Where Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 127, Coriano (Rimini)

To become strong and a real winner, you have to crave it so much that you are willing to slap the chequered flag. Marco Simoncelli 

The history of Sic
"The history of Sic" is the museum entirely dedicated to the life and sports events of the great champion Marco Simoncelli. Along the path through the exhibition rooms, his fans will enjoy Simoncelli’s career highlights and experience a on the saddle trip through the world of motorcycle competitions. This museum aims at letting visitors, bikers and  fans getting closer to the world of Marco and  the motorbike races through an interaction with helmets, race suits and all the motorcycles that made Simoncelli and nowadays motorcycling great all over the world. "The history of Sic" tells Marco’s story through three thematic rooms: starting from 125cc category and stepping on the gas of 250cc motorbikes, we arrive at Moto Gp period telling a story full of emotions and attraction for motorcycling and its heroes.
The exhibition halls are the place where getting lost in the ensemble of personal objects and rarities: each of these recalls a special piece of Marco and motorbike’s story that will let the visitor feel the rumble and the smell of a Sunday race. The museum's narration is also about Marco’s genuine side of life, made up of karatella, minibikes, karts and superbikes: also this part of his journey will be discovered through personal belongings and curiosities, able to recollect the achievements of a breathtaking life spent on two-four wheels. At the end of this trip, the last exhibition room is fully dedicated to the collection of the best pictures taken and donated by the greatest photographers in the motorbikes’ world. Through the professional capturing of instants of speed, in these photographs time is freezed and fans can experience Marco’s unforgettable deeds in  motorbike championships again and again.

Opening time
January, February, March
10-12.30 / 15-19 closed: Mondays Tuesdays
April May
10-12.30 /15-19
closed: Mondays
June,  from 1st to 14th
June, from 15th  to september 15th
10-12.30 / 17-22
closed: Mondays
September from 16th to December, 15th
10-12.30 / 15-19
closed: Mondays
December , from 15th to  31st
10-12.30 / 15-19
closed: Mondays
€ 8 full price
€ 5 concessions children from 7 to 14 y.o. , people over 65 y.o. , groups  (min from 6 people)
free entry disables visitors, childrens up to 7 y.o.
Museum "La Storia de Sic"
via Garibaldi 127 - Coriano 47853 (Rn) 
Phone 0541 658100
[email protected]

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