Luogo - Museum

Museo dell'Aviazione

Where Via S. Aquilina, 58 - loc. Cerbaiola, Rimini

Designed on the late eighties by a group of former officers of Italian Air Force, the Park-Museum was inaugurated in 1994. Among the most important of its kind in Italy, covers an area of more than sixty thousand square meters. Here are placed rare examples of aircraft: from Sukoi 7, only one in the West, the Russian Mig 23 of the note series, only in Italy. No less rare is the Saiman 202 of 1932. The Corsair II was donated by the US government. Particularly rich collection of documents, photographs, objects, memorabilia, uniforms, awards and badges. In a separate pavilion are exposed collections of medals, among which the one donated by Mussolini to Italo Balbo for transvolate Atlantic of 1930 and '33. One room is used as the screening of footage shot by cameramen of the time. The museum also publishes a semi-annual, with news and information on the history of aeronautics and activities of the Theme Park.

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