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Ponte di Augusto e Tiberio

Where Ponte di Tiberio, Rimini

Tiberius Bridge, a symbol of the city of Rimini, was built between 14 and 21 AD, under the governments of Augustus and Tiberius. Built in Istria stone as the Arch, it also picks up the sober style: composed of five round arches with kiosks between taxes blind arches. On the Bridge passed the two consular roads, Emilia and Popilia-Annia. The presence of two notches resembling the imprint of cloven feet, placed on the balustrade mountain side, helped to spread the legend of yet another "Devil's Bridge" but, more likely, it could be recesses for the pulleys used to hoist material from boats. Still, the Bridge is part of the city road network and is open to traffic.

Ponte di Tiberio c
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