Luogo - Museum

Museo storico della Linea gotica

Where VIA PROVINCIALE, 79, Auditore (Pesaro e Urbino)

The Museum was established in 1992 by Professor Giovanni Tiberi to document the passage of the front in the area of Pesaro during the Second World War. Contains over 3000 exhibits (bombs, anti-tank German mines, gas masks, knives, Italian mortars, American rifles) found on the battlefields of the Gothic Line and belonged to opposing armies. There is a rare collection of uniforms and original photographic documentation of the war. The Museum also has a valuable historical, unique in Italy, with a rare collection of newspapers and documents of the periods 1936/1945 and 1945/1960, as well as a video library and a historical library available to teachers, students and fans.


Daily 9:00/12:00 am; 3:00/6:30 pm

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