Luogo - Historical building

Palazzo del Collegio Raffaello

Where Piazza della Repubblica, Urbino (Pesaro e Urbino)

It occupies a very large area. The main facade is dominated by a large porch, surmounted by two rows of windows and stopped in the middle of what remains of the former St. Agatha's Church, which divided the five-arched portico and was incorporated in the building. The courtyard is rectangular, with a portico surmounted by two rows of windows. The Palace was built in the early eighteenth century by Pope Clement XI, to host the Scolopi. Will remain active as a boarding school until the '70s, now houses the City Council Hall, the Urbino Museum of Engraving, a small library and several rooms for temporary exhibitions and conferences. The building also includes the tower observatory built for the research of father Alessandro Serpieri. Other building previously attached and then destroyed, the Oratory of Corpus Christi.

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