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Bellaria-Igea Marina

Where Bellaria-Igea Marina (Rimini)

Bellaria-Igea Marina is located in the southern tip of the Po Valley. Among the places to visit, Casa Rossa, summer residence of the writer Alfredo Panzini, open to the public and seat of Panziniana Academy; Torre Saracena, built in the 17th century by fishermen, houses a collection of banknotes. The city center includes a pedestrian zone, Platani Island, and a real green lung, Gelso Park, which extends around the homonymous lake, south of the center of Igea Marina. Along Us river runs a cycle-pedestrian track with parked areas. Among the places of interest along the route, Villa Torlonia; the Church of Santa Margherita of the eighteenth century; the former Donegallia Abbey and Benelli Castle, both dating back to the 13th century; finally, recent Bellaria Furnace.

Immagine descrittiva - CC BY Di Emanuela Meme Giudic…, CC BY 3.0, c
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