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Castello di Montebello

Where Via Castello di Montebello, 28, Poggio Torriana (Rimini)

Montebello Torriana is a hamlet of Poggio Torriana, in the province of Rimini, famous for its Castle which, according to legend, would be haunted by the ghost of Azzurrina. Montebello dates from pre-Roman times, founded by the Celts at the foot of the cliff, where it seems there was a place of worship. The first stone building is from the Roman period (third century): a square tower, later merged into the structure of the Castle. The first news of the Castle we have through a notarial document of 1186: bill of sale by Ugolinuccio of Maltalone to Giovanni Malatesta, who endowed it with fortifications. Then it took over the family of the Counts Guidi, which retains ownership. After the sixteenth century, the Castle underwent interventions to suit a noble residence. Between 1968 and 1973, restoration work has restored the original look of the fortress, which, since 1989, is open to visitors and is included among the monuments of Italian national heritage for its historical value. The Castle has had a history of Guendalina Malatesta, better known as "Azzurrina", who died prematurely. It said to be one albino girl. Since the popular superstition of the time connected with albinism events of evil nature, the mother decided to dye her hair black, which actually gave reflections blue (hence the nickname). It seems that on June 21, 1375, Azzurrina, always watched by guards, fell into the subterranean ice Castle chasing a ball rag. Since then, she never was seen again, and the ghost of the little girl back to bite every five years, to coincide with the summer solstice.

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