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Museo degli Sguardi. Raccolte Etnografiche di Rimini

Where Via delle Grazie, 12 - loc. Covignano, Rimini

Dedicated to the cultures of ethnological and archaeological Africa, Oceania and pre-Columbian America, the Museum of Looking, is one of the most significant collections of Europe. Opened in 1972, as the Museum of Primitive Art Collection Dinz Rialto, in deference to its founder, has been housed in Castel Sismondo until 2000 and then set up at Villa Alvarado, former Missionary Museum of Grace, under the name of Museum of Looking, in the Ethnographic Collections of Rimini by the scientific direction of Marc Augé. The "eyes" are those Westerners who, from the first meeting today, have looked at various ways to the "other" cultures. In a multicultural vision, the museum promotes a reflection on our relationship with the culture and art of the people. Together with the collected fruit of the trips that Delfino Dinz Rialto (1920-1979), Veneto traveler-collector, has accomplished in Africa, Oceania and America; have been also included in the museum the Franciscan Friars, collected in mission, the prestigious Archaeological Collection Pre-Columbian of Ugo Canepa from Biella, and a small but significant collection donated by Bruno Fusconi from Cesena. The most important materials are proposed to visitors using different interpretations, reflecting as many approaches as to consider, collect, "treat" from the standpoint of museological and artistically rework the testimonies of other cultures. Inside the cave of Villa Alvarado, one of the many underground caves that dot the hill Covignano and, more generally, many other places in the Rimini area, was finally arranged a series statuettes associated with the cult of water.

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