Luogo - Museum

Fondazione PINAC - Pinacoteca internazionale dell'età evolutiva A. Cibaldi

Where Via Disciplina, 60, Rezzato (Brescia)

Fondazione PinAC historic collection of children's drawing, started in the 1960. It is a dynamic, international museum that collects, classifies and analises the creative forms of expression of children from 54 Countries. It is a centre for creativity where people learn to discover and respect the rights of all mankind, each nation with its peculiar artistic and cultural characteristics. It promotes the approach of children, boys and girls, to art and creative expression. It offers teachers and educators training programmes for intercultural education. It promotes and organises meetings and atéliers for parents, teachers and curious adults, in order to develop artistic and expression talent at any age and favour the approach to different forms of art.

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