Luogo - Archaeological Area

Area Monumentale del Foro Romano (Sito UNESCO "Longobardi In Italia. i luoghi del potere")

Where Via dei Musei, 55, Brescia

Roman Forum in Brescia was the main square in the city center of Brixia from the 1st century BC, then completed by Vespasian. Much of original square is now covered by Piazza del Foro, while the remains of most of its buildings have been brought to light outside or in the basements of the palaces that currently surround the square. This monumental archaeological complex retains the major public buildings of Roman age of northern Italy and for this reason was declared by UNESCO World Heritage Site, part of serial site "Longobards in Italy: the places of power". It consists of the following monuments:

- Republican Shrine, built in the 1st century BC, is the oldest building in the site. It consists of four rectangular classrooms alongside each other, inside which are original remains of the mosaic floor and parietal frescoes comparable to Pompeii;

- Capitolium, built in 73 AC, was the most important temple of ancient Brixia, where Capitoline Triad (Jupiter, Juno and Minerva) was worshiped. It consists of three cells: a central, larger, and the other smaller ones, which retain much of original polychrome marble floor. Facing the remains of imposing arcade with Corinthian columns;

- Roman Theater, built in Flavian era and restored in the 3rd century. With its 86 meters wide is one of the largest Roman theaters of Italy, it could contain 15,000 viewers. Original structure preserved semicircular perimeter walls, the first order of steps, the two side exits and the remains of the cavea and the scene, as well as numerous fragments of columns and friezes.

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