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Piazza Paolo VI (Piazza del Duomo)

Where Piazza Paolo VI, Brescia

Piazza Paolo VI, or Piazza Duomo, is one of Brescia's main squares. The origin of the square is Medieval, as well as some palaces that overlook it, one among them Broletto, which today also includes Civic Tower (Torre del Pégol) and Loggia delle Grida, dating back to the thirteenth century and considered public building oldest of Brescia. On the southern side, Palazzo del Credito Agrario Bresciano (now UBI Banca), dating back to the early twentieth century, work by architect Antonio Tagliaferri, and Casa dei Camerlenghi, so called because seat of the camerlenghi, financial administrators during Venetian domination. Below this building there is a passage of Medieval origin, today known as Galleria Duomo, which connects the square with the arcades of Via X Giornate, built according to plans by Piero Maria Bagnadore, along old city walls.

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