Luogo - Historical building

Palazzo Broletto

Where Via Cardinal Querini, 9, Brescia

Broletto Palace was Medieval seat of administration. The name comes from the fact that the soil was a small garden garden, called "brolo". The complex of buildings that make up present Palace is divided into two courts and is the result of successive architectural stratifications. Between 1223 and 1227 Palace was rebuilt in stone, incorporating some buildings such as Torre Poncarali, whose rooftop base is still visible today on Via Querini. Placed at the square is also original Loggia delle Grida, built in this period. The Great Hall of Council was decorated with various frescoes, now partially preserved in the attic. The west side, on the square, comes in the following years with a new wing, "Palatium Novum Minus", of which Gothic Portico is part, while the north side is closed with a wall. Of 1803 is Neoclassical helix scale under the north porch, by Leopoldo Pollack.

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