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Piazza della Loggia

Where Piazza della Loggia, Brescia

Piazza Loggia is the heart of Brescia. Its shape is rectangular, bordered by a series of Venetian buildings, including Loggia, the seat of Municipal Council of Brescia. The square was designed in Renaissance era and towards the end of the 15th century the construction began. Around the square there are 16th-century Venetian buildings, while facing Loggia, on the eastern side, we find Porches in Renaissance style surmounted with Clock Tower, thus named for the presence of an ancient clock of 1546. On the southern side of the square is the building of Mount of Pietà Vecchio, erected between 1484 and 1489. The square houses three of the four "Talking Sculpture" in Brescia: a group of sculptures of various ages on which the citizens used to place anonymous messages containing criticisms against the rulers. In particular, under the arcade of Palazzo della Loggia lies Lodoiga, "talking sculpture" dating to the second half of the sixteenth century.

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