Luogo - Historical building

Palazzo della Loggia

Where Piazza della Loggia, 1, Brescia

The building was designed in 1484, when the authorities decided to donate a new building to the city. The first stone was laid in 1492 and the yard was originally directed by Filippo Grassi. Botticino's white marble facade consists of two distinct architectural sections: in the lower section there are a series of columns and pillars, spaced by plumes that host important Cycle of Thirty Caesars, 24 of which are carved by Gasparo Cairano, principal Renaissance sculpture in Brescia, and 6 by Tamagnino. The cover of 1914, shaped like a hull, is made of wood covered with lead plates. In the 15th century, a building on the north side containing original staircase was added to Palace. From the upper floor you can access vast octagonal salon designed by Luigi Vanvitelli, which is called "Vanvitelliano Salon".

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