Luogo - Historical building

Torre del Pégol (Torre del Popolo)

Where Via Cardinal Querini, 9, Brescia

Pegol Tower is about 54 meters high and is annexed to Broletto Palace. The date of construction is not known precisely, but some manuscripts of the twelfth century emphasize particular resistance of the building, which resisted violent earthquake in 1159. In 1178, Laubia lignorum, the seat of the city's government, was born at its feet. In 1235 new Campanile Militum was built, a bell in bronze that served as a reminder for the city troops in the event of an enemy attack. It was then used by Austrians as a stronghold during Ten Days of Brescia, also taken up by the poet Angelo Canossi. The tower consists of four well-visible levels: the first, on the ground floor, consists of a large white stone base in Botticino, the second level is run by a narrow tunnel, while the third level is connected to the fourth by a ladder.

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