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Associazione arte e spiritualità centro studi "Paolo Sesto VI" sull'arte moderna e contemporanea


The collection "Art and Spirituality" of Brescia is the only permanent exhibition of modern and contemporary art in Brescia and is certainly one of the largest boasting a collection of about 6.500 works. The original nucleus of this collection was formed during the episcopate and the pontificate of Paul VI from Brescia, for this reason, the collection shows why several similarities with the Collection of Modern Religious Art, established by that Pope Montini at the Vatican in 1973. Following his death, the collection was designed by his personal private secretary, Monsignor Pasquale Macchi, Paul Institute VI of Brescia, the birthplace of the Pope, where in 1988 he formed the Association of Art and Spirituality, Study Center "Paul VI" on Modern and Contemporary Art. In recent years, the museum collection has been greatly enriched by donations of contemporary artists. The works on display, over 400, documenting the major art movements of the twentieth century: it can admire paintings, sculptures, drawings and graphics of Italian and foreign artists. Among Italians can be cited as Sironi, Guttuso, Morandi, De Chirico, River, Carrà, Casorati and others. Stand also works of Heckel, Chagall, Matisse and Dali. A section is specifically reserved for the sculpture, which features works by Fontana, Messina, Manzù, Greek, Minguzzi.

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