Luogo - Museum

Associazione Museo della Mille Miglia Città di Brescia

Where Viale della Bornata, 123, Brescia

The museum was housed in a former Benedictine monastery founded in 1008 and later converted into agricultural complex. The large building (subject, as the bodies and areas, to the listed different level) gathered around a large courtyard, and includes, in addition to those that were the residences of the monks, stables and warehouses from the former medieval church dedicated to Paterius, and the old "House of the Abbot." The complex of the former monastery is situated on the slopes of Monte Maddalena and the outskirts of the district of St. Euphemia, which has preserved some respects the character of the nucleus of the suburban municipality. The collections are made up of vintage cars that participated in the historic race, trophies and gifts bearing the mark of the Mille Miglia. Since 2001 a room of the museum houses the Beatles Museum set up by "Beatlesiani Associates of Italy."


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