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Museo del vetro

Where Via Garibaldi, 20, Piegaro (Perugia)
The Glass Museum The Museo del Vetro of Piegaro is arranged inside the ancient glassmaking factory that dates from the early 1800s, located in the historical center of the village. It has been restored maintaining the architecture and the original arrangement of its rooms unchanged. It is one of the few examples of pre-industrial structures preserved in Italy for glassmaking. Its exhibition displays glass produced here over the centuries, such as: glasses, bottles, finely refined carafes, hand made items—some of which have decorations in gold—demijohns and flasks covered by wickerwork that have characterized the production of the factory over time. The itinerary of the visit follows the old production cycles, from the arrival of the raw material up to the final product, passing through the phases of the fusion of the glass, at first manual blowing and then the semiautomatic manufacture. The two rooms of the main floor, which still preserve the smoked walls, are built around the remnants of the furnace. The basement, in the past used mainly as a deposit for raw material and for the final products, preserves an intact hypocaust system for the circulation of the heat below the furnace. At the center of the main room there is an imposing pool full of green melted glass, which was left on the occasion of the definitive turning-off of the furnace, in 1968. Thanks to the rich illustrative multimedia apparatus, the technical aspects of the glass production, from antiquity to contemporary times, together with the history of Piegaro and its territorial area, which has always closely been connected with the glass industries, are shown in detail. Some interesting documents from the 13th-14th century testify that much of the glass employed in the stained glasses and mosaics in the Duomo of Orvieto came from Piegaro.
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