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Pinacoteca Mariottini

Where Via Pietro Vannucci, 1, Panicale (Perugia)
Mariottini Art Gallery Arranged inside the Municipal Palace of Panicale, the Pinacoteca Mariottini is composed of a collection—of thirty-one canvases, commissioned between 1765 and 1780 by the Perugian Francesco Mariottini—which was donated to the Municipality at the end of the 19th century. Mariottini, who was Professor of Civil and Canon Law and a University Rector at the Università di Perugia starting from 1776, descended from a secondary family branch of the Saccalossi from Panicale. Among the most important figures of Panicale at least 10 come from the Saccalossi family, and most probably, it was for this very same reason that Mariottini commissioned the painting of an entire series of commemorative portraits, which later were destined to decorate their own family palace.
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