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Museo di San Giuseppe

Where Via della Pitalessa, Paciano (Perugia)
Museum of San Giuseppe Arranged in the hall of the old Confraternita del Santissimo Sacramento, next to the Church of San Giuseppe, the Museo di San Giuseppe documents the history and the art of Paciano, from the Etruscan period up to the 17th century. The Museum is responsible for the conservation of works of Francesco di Nicolò (1452), fragments of frescoes from the 1300s, a wooden sculpture featuring an angel from the 15th century, a painting on leather and a bronze sculpture of the English school, some 18th century canvases from the old Convent of Friars in Paciano Vecchio, a wooden and golden altar that dates 1572, and precious reliquaries in silver and gold. Next to the valuable assets of religious provenance, Etruscan finds from the 4th century B.C. are set side by side, including ceramic vases, in bronze and in Pre-Roman dark ceramics called "buccheri" terracotta lamps and other materials found in the locality called "I Pini".
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