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Oratorio di Santa Maria dei Bianchi

Where via del Casalino, Città della Pieve (Perugia)
Church of Santa Maria dei Bianchi Oratory The Church of Santa Maria dei Bianchi, which was already the Oratory of the Disciplined, preserves one of the best works among Perugino’s masterpieces, the fresco depicting “The Adoration of the Magi”. In 1504 the Disciplined Confraternity—or Santa Maria dei Bianchi—of Città della Pieve, native town of Pietro Vannucci, called Perugino, starts negotiating the commission to fresco the wall behind the altar of its oratory with the artist. From Perugia, where the artist resided, he answered that the request could be satisfied in return for a payment of 200 florins, but as “fellow countryman” he was willing to accept the commission for the sum of 100. It seems that the confraternity declared to not have even this sum, so Perugino, declaring in another letter that he would lower the amount to 25 florins, asked them to come to take him with a mule right away, because he was ready to execute the work. The Church is part of a Museum Circuit following an in-town itinerary, which includes Palazzo Della Corgna, the Museo Civico Diocesano of Santa Maria dei Servi, the Cathedral, the Church of San Pietro and San Bartolomeo Oratory.
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