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Museo Civico - Diocesano ex Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Servi

Where Via Piave, Chiusi (Siena)
Civic and Diocesan Museum - Former Church of Santa Maria dei Servi The Museo Civico Diocesano of Città della Pieve is hosted in the former Church of Santa Maria dei Servi, which was built in the second half of the 13 century and remodeled in Baroque style between the 17 and 18 centuries. The building preserves the fragmentary work of Christ Deposition from the Cross, executed by Pietro Vannucci, called Perugino, in 1517 and some paintings from the 16 and 18 century, which decorate the Baroque altars of the lateral chapels. In the cross-vaulted gothic crypt below, there are some paintings on canvas, property of the Diocese, documenting the painting in Città della Pieve during the 16 and 17 centuries. The Museum is part of a Circuit that follows an in-town itinerary, which includes the Oratory of Santa Maria dei Bianchi, Palazzo Della Corgna, the Museo Civico Diocesano of Santa Maria dei Servi, the Cathedral, the Church of San Pietro and San Bartolomeo Oratory.
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