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Museo di Storia naturale e del territorio "A.Verri" - Palazzo della Corgna

Where Piazza Gramsci, Città della Pieve (Perugia)
Museum of Natural History and Della Corgna Palace Territory Hosted on the Main Floor of Palazzo della Corgna, in the city center of Città della Pieve, the Museo di Storia Naturale e del Territorio holds collections of mineral samples, rocks, fossils, vegetal and animal preparations and scientific instruments. These collections are mainly the result of the activity of Antonio Verri (1839-1925), a geologist, and of Paolo De Simone (1859-1906), an agronomist, who operated in the Città della Pieve territory, between the end of the 19 century and the early 20 century. The presence of naturalistic samples coming from Saudi Arabia is unique. The Museum is part of a Circuit that follows an in-town itinerary, which includes the Oratory of Santa Maria dei Bianchi, Palazzo Della Corgna, the Museo Civico Diocesano of Santa Maria dei Servi, the Cathedral, the Church of San Pietro and San Bartolomeo Oratory.
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