Archaeological Area

Villa Romana e Antiquarium di Palazzo Pignano

Via Luoghi Vecchi, Palazzo Pignano, (Cremona)
Thefirstarchaeological digwasdone within thechurchbetween 1963and 1967by removingthe floorandappearedinthe churchthe remains ofan older church,built about1500 yearsago,in the fifth centuryADTheoldestreligious buildingwas called by thediscoverers ofthe "Round"for its shape,very special anduniquefor its time,found inreligious buildingserectedin the Eastand Jerusalem.Thanks to thesediscoveriesit became clearthat the whole areaaround the churchwas important,so wedecided toexplore itfurtherextension.In 1969 hefinishedthe excavationwithin the church,archaeologistsbegananotherin the fields arounditand discovereda hugeRoman villa.Since thenwehavemade%u200B%u200Bmanydiscoveries,ithas beenbrought to lighta good partof the ancient buildings,including thebaptistery.

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