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Museo Lombardo di Storia dell'Agricoltura

Where Piazza Bolognini, 2, Sant'Angelo Lodigiano (Lodi)

The Lombardy Museum of the History of Agriculture was founded in 1979, thanks to Professor Giuseppe Frediani. Reported for the International Award "European Museum of the Year Award 1982", the Museum has been chosen as the venue of the final world congress of agricultural museums in 1992. The aim of the Museum is to make visitors aware of the significance of agriculture as a thousand-year evolution of symbiosis between man and nature: according to the ethno-historical and archaeological principles, teh sections are scanned according to the periodization based on the sequence of technological-agricultural revolutions, focusing on the contribution of non-European civilizations to our agriculture, from the Ancient Near East (around 10.000 BC) to Nowadays, through the Etruscans, the Romans, the Middle Ages (the fifteenth thumbnail De Predis), the Renaissance and the Modern age. Particular emphasis is given to the introduction of the plants from the New World (potatoes, corn, etc.). The last section is dedicated to the great works of reclamation and irrigation in Lodi. In "Emilio Morandi Hall", in the yard, it can see the first agricultural machinery of industrialization.

Museo Lombardo di Storia dell'Agricoltura c
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