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Museo Folligeniali

Where Via Marescalca, 2, Lodi
In 1975 in Lodi several people, willing to experiment their creativity, found out that a young artist, Angelo Frosio, was putting his time and talent available to anyone who wanted to undertake a path of artistic development: thus was born, in a cellar , the Bergognone School of art. After a few years the students had become so numerous as to force the artist to ask the local municipality for a larger space. He was granted the premises of an old Art Nouveau building, where in the early nineties the Museum Folligeniali was founded, then refurbished and completely renovated in 2009. The museum collects works by artists of the Bergognone school of art, who have embraced Frosio's slogan: "Art love." But the exhibits are not made in the mold of the master: there are as many styles as there are people and creative ways, each implemented in accordance with a rigorous method, but in an atmosphere of total freedom of expression.
Lodi, Museo Folligeniali c
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