Luogo - Archaeological Area

Villa Romana e Antiquarium di Palazzo Pignano

Where Via Luoghi Vecchi, Palazzo Pignano (Cremona)
The first archaeological dig was done within the church between 1963 and 1967 by removing the floor and appeared in the church the remains of an older church, built about 1500 years ago, in the fifth century AD The oldest religious building was called by the discoverers of the "Round" for its shape, very special and unique for its time, found in religious buildings erected in the East and Jerusalem. Thanks to these discoveries it became clear that the whole area around the church was important, so we decided to explore it further extension. In 1969 he finished the excavation within the church, archaeologists began another in the fields around it and discovered a huge Roman villa. Since then we have made %u200B%u200Bmany discoveries, it has been brought to light a good part of the ancient buildings, including the baptistery.
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