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Museo del Novecento di Milano

Where Via Marconi, 1, Gessate (Milano)

Museum of the Twentieth Century, located in the Palazzo dell'Arengario, is a public venue dedicated to the exhibition the display of Milan's collection of Twentieth-Century Art. A portion of this collection is displaied at the House Museum Boschi Di Stefano (Boschi Di Stefano House Museum), where some of the works donated by the Milanese collectors Antonio Boschi and Marieda Di Stefano are on exhibition; to encourage the development of multiple perspectives and critical capabilities through the dissemination of knowledge about twentieth-century art; to conserve, study and promote public heritage and the artistic culture of the twentieth century through research and educational activities; to encourage, through work on various levels, an intercultural approach and involve a public that ranges from specialists to children and passing visitors.


Free entrance every Friday from 15:30 p.m.

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