Luogo - Historical building

Villa Mirabello

Where Viale Mirabello, 6, Monza (Monza e della Brianza)

Mirabello Villa, in Monza Park, owes its construction to Milanese family of Durini. At the fall of Napoleon Villa back in the hands of Habsburgs, undergoing renovations and changes in Neoclassical style. In 1859 began the era of Savoy. The last renovation, in the summer of 200,8 saw the almost complete reconstruction of the roof, while retaining original frescoes. The building is on a plant in shape of "U", with the court open on the landscape. The main building has an elegant portico with columns of pink granite, while the two side wings provide the steps to service courts. Two towers at the ends of central body are perhaps remnants of an earlier military function. Inside, around central hall, they were arranged eight reception rooms, a large hall with access to the upper floors. The frescoes were commissioned to Federico Bianchi. In the chapel also he worked Ercole Procaccini, who painted "Nativity of Virgin." Towards the middle of the eighteenth century Villa was already a small palace, enriched by late Baroque decorations, frescoes, sumptuous furnishings and a rich library.

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