Luogo - Historical building

Villa Reale - Reggia di Monza

Where Viale Regina Margherita, 15, Monza (Monza e della Brianza)

History of Villa Reale in Monza begins with the arrival in Milan, in 1771, the new governor, Archduke Ferdinand of Habsburg. The office building, awarded in 1777 to  architect Giuseppe Piermarini, was completed in just three years. The fall of Napoleon handed Villa Reale in the hands of Austrians, who left it for a few years in a state of neglect until 1818, when it took possession of Viceroy Giuseppe Ranieri. Today Royal Villa is jointly owned by City of Monza, Lombardy Region and State Property. The restoration work was completed in 2007 with the opening to the public. The visit begins on the first floor, where are the state rooms of royal family. Prominent is Ballroom, with decorations, mirrors fake marble, rich chandeliers and marble flooring. Private Apartments are the most important rooms of the second floor, accessed by main staircase, result of the intervention nineteenth-century by architect Achille Majnoni d'Intignano. The visit ends on the top floor, Belvedere, with views of magnificent Park.


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