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Museo navale Ottorino Zibetti

Where Viale Giovanni XXIII, 17, Caravaggio (Bergamo)

The Naval Museum Ottorino Zibetti, inaugurated in 1978, was born as a devout homage of Mrs Josephine Bietti to the memory of her husband, an expert of ship modelling, careful collector, lover of the sea and "maritime things ". The Museum consists of scale models of famous sailing ships, historic memorabilia, nautical instruments, compasses, binoculars, marine tools and fossils, rare shells, medals, and a library of the sea. Among the "pieces" of particular importance there are: the torpedo's propeller of the MAS X15, with which, the morning of June 10, 1918, the captain Luigi Rizzo sank the Austrian battleship "Santo Stefano", a strip of the "red tent" and a few fragments of the spacecraft of the General Umberto Nobile's airship "Italia", given away by the wireless operator of the Russian icebreaker "Krassin"; the command of the corvette Bayonet which carried in exile, the 9th of September 1943, Vittorio Emanuele III under the false name of the Earl of Pollenzo; two flags signalling the destroyer "Luca Tarigo", which had a leading role during the last World War in an heroic and touching affair, given away by the captain Giovanni Martinelli; an ancient English sextant, a rare "gondola iron" which is now impossible to find, a steering wheel from the 16th century, a diving suit made of copper and bronze and dated 1890, a model of speedboat given away by Mr. Piero Guerra.

Museo Navale Ottorino Zibetti c
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