Luogo - Museum

Museo della stampa

Where Via Lanfranco, 6/8, Soncino (Cremona)

The Museum, opened in 1988, is located in a building dating back to the 15th century. Didactic demonstrations give an overview of the fascinating world of books and printing and of the typographic technique used - beginning with the invention of movable types in the 15th century. The Museum is dedicated to the Soncino family of Jewish printers, which was active in the duchy of the Sforzas between 1483 and 1490 and produced valuable editions, mainly in Hebraic, among which the first edition of the Hebraic Bible completed with vowel signs. The Museum offers evidence of the ancient typographic art: it shows the functioning of a printing machine, illustrates the composition of the page elements with movable types, the inking and printing processes. Printing machines going back to the 18th and 19th centuries, in-depth studies of Jewish printing, original prints and reprints and a didactic video complete the exhibition. The Museum also houses didactic lithography workshops and temporary exhibitions.

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