Luogo - Museum

Museo civico di Manerbio e del territorio

Where Piazza C. Battisti, 2, Manerbio (Brescia)

The Museum is housed in some of Manerbio premises - once used as guest quarters - the wing of the historic seventeenth-century Palazzo Luzzago, the current town hall. The first exhibition, prepared to crown a series of exhibitions designed to publicize the research undertaken by the local Archaeological Group, was inaugurated in 1985. The Museum has two large halls with a total area of 500 square meters, as well as areas used for an educational workshop for schoolchildren, an office for the staff of the museum - with specialized library - and deposits for the sorting of the finds and their storage. The reorganization of the exhibition, designed by the architect Andrea, was constructed to allow maximum mobility is being subjected to educational apparatus: display cases on wheels, light panels on media that slide along tracks fixed to the walls, educational publications concerning the preparation from time to time to visit. One of two large rooms is organized into several sections arranged in chronological order, each characterized by a specific color and a logo printed on its panels, within which the material from a single complex settlement are used to create a route on the diachronic human history of the area examined. The second room will be reserved for temporary exhibitions, also of archaeological topic, sponsored by the Museum itself.

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