Luogo - Archaeological Area

Antiquarium di Palazzo Pignano

Where Via Luoghi Vecchi, Palazzo Pignano (Cremona)
Antiquarium exposed objects found during excavations. The villa had a colorful mosaic floors, walls painted with various colors, hot air heating and window panes, and the large octagonal garden was probably decorated with marble statues, some dating from the imperial age. This was probably inherited treasures or collections of sculptural art that only rich families could afford at the time. Archaeologists have also discovered that the huge Villa has had during his life, at least one restoration and a restructuring is likely to make it more luxurious and comfortable, or perhaps to adapt to new fashions. After its destruction, the ruined walls were reused to build the huts of a medieval village. Antiquarium through the proposed route, you take a trip back in time to this fascinating place, full of history, interesting characters and stories that intertwine with the history of Palace Pignano other places of the Roman Empire and d 'East.
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