Luogo - Museum

Civica raccolta museale Don Cesare Amelli

Where Piazza Vittoria, 10, Melegnano (Milano)

The Civic Museum "Don Cesare Amelli Collection" is in the Visconti Castle (1243), typical four-sided structure with high corner towers. In 1512 the Castle passed to Marquis Brivio and, in 1532, to Gian Giacomo Medici, who became the Marquis of Melegnano. Acquired by the Province of Milan, the building was restored in 1998, including the frescoes of the sixteenth century. In 2001, it was re-opening as the seat of the Civic Museum dedicated to Don Cesare Amelli (1924-2002), local historian. The collection includes historical artifacts of the Risorgimento Battle of Melegnano, June 8, 1859.

Civica raccolta museale Don Cesare Amelli c
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