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Museo del Pane

Where Piazza Bolognini, 2, Sant'Angelo Lodigiano (Lodi)
Born in 1983, the Museum of the Bread is the first national museum of this kind. It is structured in five rooms on the first floor of the Morando Bolognini Castle in Sant'Angelo Lodigiano, in the first room there are cereals, the raw material for the different "bread" of the world and the second shows with predominantly didactic approach, the various steps of the cycle "Wheat-Flour-Bread", i.e. how to grow wheat, to pick it up and grind. Of particular interest is the "Bolognini's threshing machine" created in 1854 by Count Gian Giacomo Attendolo Bolognini, the first example of modernization for threshing grain. The third room is the most representative and collects more than 500 forms of loaves of Italian regions and many countries in Europe and beyond. In the fourth room are exhibited the equipment for the production of bread as mixers, baker's tools, a workbench for kneading by hand, the reconstruction of ancient and first 900 kilns. In the last room are the "grida", i.e. taxes, rules and government regulations issued in the 18th and 19th centuries and there are also compositions of artistic breads made by skilled master bakers.
Sant'Angelo Lodigiano, Museo del Pane c
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